5 Steps to Build a Content Strategy

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TL/DR: Content strategy is about more than just good content. It is about creating the right content that matters to your audience, and aligns with your goals.

Getting people to view your content is easy:

  • Use the latest trending hashtags
  • Have your Executive Director or CEO perform a popular TikTok dance
  • Post a photo and attach it to an overused meme

Your social media specialist may brag about the likes and shares, but where is the real value?

Have you shared something about your mission? Have you made an emotional connection with key audiences? Have you let people know about your services, offerings, or how they can get involved?

A real content strategy is more than just attracting an audience. It is about attracting – and engaging – the RIGHT audience with the RIGHT content.

It is easy to jump onto the latest social media trend and get viewers. But the likelihood of that audience converting (or even caring) about your message is close to zero.

Not to mention that it might damage or weaken the connections you have already made.

People follow with you on social because they want to connect with your mission. They may have felt inspired by an event they attended, or wanted to learn more after hearing a news story about your organization. Or maybe your mission already aligns with thier values, and they want to know how to get involved.

So how do you create content that engages with the audiences that matter most?

1) Start with a persona or avatar to outline the key pain points or interests of your audience and the type of media they consume

2) Identify the “big idea” – what is the main thing that you can contribute to the conversations your audience is already having?

3) Break that big idea into multiple smaller, related topics – these will become the main concepts for your content

4) Break that content into multiple media formats – like video, graphics, long-form, short-form, interviews, testimonials, case studies

5) Pick the right channels to share your content – social, podcasts, website, industry publications, blogs, media pitching, marketing materials, etc. and so on.

Remember, your audience might be a specific niche, which means your overall reach and engagement might be lower. BUT – the value and return on those relationships will be much higher!

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