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Kate Turner is a fractional marketing executive with nearly 20 years of experience working for top nonprofits, local healthcare companies, higher education institutions, and small businesses. Offering a range of options to fit the needs of each client, Kate can help you develop a marketing strategy and tactical roadmap, and stick around to help you execute it.


Fractional CMO: A Full-Scope Solution

Do you feel like you are doing a lot of “marketing things”, but not seeing any results? Are you trying to manage your website, social media, blog, advertising, branding, promotions, and more… and feeling totally overwhelmed?

We can help! Let us take over the management of your marketing tactics, and apply our expertise to develop and execute a marketing strategy that drives results. More than just a marketing strategy consultant, a fractional CMO acts an embedded member of your team.

Perfect for: Start-ups, small businesses or nonprofits, professional services, and organizations without a dedicated marketing team.

Project Work: Clear Your To-Do List

Looking for help with an upcoming marketing or communications project? Maybe your team is already stretched thin, or you want the value of an external perspective on a major intitiative.

We can execute special projects, keeping your to-do list clear to focus on higher-priority work. Or, call on us when the list grows too long, and you just need an extra set of hands to help get things done.

Perfect for: In-house marketing teams who need extra support or bandwidth, business or nonprofits who need expertise to manage large marketing projects, such as website redesigns, publications, or special initiatives.

Content & Messaging: Tell Your Story

It can be hard to step out of the weeds of your business and into the shoes of your customers. Are you clearly describing the value of your product or service in the right words to the right people in the right places?

We can help craft your voice and create the content, messaging, and stories that will engage customers, build loyalty, and drive new business. From writing, to video, design, blog, social media, and more… let us share your stories.

Perfect for: New or established businesses or nonprofits who want to become thought leaders or develop a strong brand voice.

Marketing Roadmap: Assess & Plan

Are you ready to grow? Set off on the right foot with defined marketing objectives that are aligned with your business goals. Gain understanding of your competitors, customers, and value proposition. Identify the tactics that will help get you there, and how to monitor and measure their effectiveness.

Perfect for: Young businesses, start-ups, and small marketing teams who need some help seeing the forest for the trees, and want to gain focus and direction for their future marketing efforts.

Our marketing strategy services are customized and scaled to your needs and priorities.

We provide long-term or project-based marketing support for mission-driven organizations, healthcare, higher-education, and small business clients.

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