Marketing or Sales: Where to Focus a Limited Budget

“If you could only choose one – marketing or sales – which would it be?”

Sales brings revenue. It drives business relationships. Sales closes the deal.

Marketing brings opportunities. It builds awareness, defines your features and benefits, and differentiates you from the competition.

You need both. But with limited budgets, funding cuts, or a need to prioritize resources, sometimes you have to choose.

So, if I had to choose between marketing OR sales? Marketing, for the win.

Marketing takes TIME.

Marketing takes attention and cultivation, like a garden.

You are building a brand with thought leadership, content posted on your LinkedIn and social channels, your blog posts, podcasts, and videos.

You are creating demand through content marketing and advertising.

You are driving leads and traffic through SEO and leveraging your email and CRM.

These are not turn and burn tactics. They take a lot of time and ongoing management to continue to perform at optimal levels.

You can’t just flip the switch on and off on your marketing.

When budgets get tight, cutting marketing is like not replanting the garden. When your existing plants die, you will have nothing to replace them. And it will take a lot longer to bring new seeds to life.

The good news is, there ARE ways to adjust your marketing to fit a smaller budget or adapt to budget reductions. Just don’t sacrifice marketing all together, or else you are choosing short-term cost savings over long-term business gains.

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