Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle… Tips for Content Planning

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Do you feel like 😱 when planning your content calendar? Use these content calendar planning tips to create multiple pieces of high quality content from one piece, and maximize the value of the work you have already done.

Trying to post several times a week on multiple social media channels, your blog, newsletter, email(s), and website can make even the most creative marketer’s head spin – especially if your time, budget, and resources are limited.

Instead of trying to think of dozens of new ideas to support your content strategy, recycle and repurpose articles, videos, blog, and posts you already have to develop new pieces.

Not only will this make content calendar planning easier, but it will build your authority on the topics that matter most for your brand and thought leadership strategy.

Let’s assume you have a great article that includes an interview with a customer or client, showcases your organization’s expertise, and clearly illustrates your mission and values.

You posted a link to the full piece it on your social channels and blog. Great! But don’t walk away yet – here are 5 ways you can recycle, reuse, and repurpose great content:

1) Break it apart into at least 2 or 3 “mini” articles (~200 words). These can be used as LinkedIn or other social posts, sent in email newsletters, or provided to your outreach/client-facing teams for customer engagement.

2) Dig into the notes from the interviews (look for quotes or insight that did not make it to the final article). Can you expand on these or turn them into something new? Or can you reach out to a couple more customers or clients and ask for tips they have for others facing the same issue?

3) Interview an employee about how they deliver this expertise when working with clients or customers, and how they overcome barriers.

4) Create an infographic or carousel with tips on how to use the expertise in real world situations.

5) Create a “what not to do” list, and use your expertise as the counterpoints.

Voila! You now have several pieces on content derived from one central piece. Spread these out across your content calendar for the next several months, and continue to link back to the main article.

It is easy? No. Is it easier than constantly coming up with new ideas? Heck yes.

Bonus tip – look back at what you were sharing or posting this time last year… dust it off, maybe add a little bit of new insight, and reshare. I promise, no one will remember, and it will continue to build your authority!

Repurposing content does not mean you are constantly throwing around the same stale pieces. It means you are thinking of creative ways to get more mileage out of the content you have already created.

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